Botomation is not about re-inventing the wheel. We took the tools that worked and improved on them. Automated trading has been around for awhile - but the process of getting the automated bots setup is not automated - in fact it is quite complicated! Imagine a world where setting up a robot was possible in 2 or 3 clicks. Monitoring of the robot, reporting, and related tasks were all available in one dashboard. Furthermore, having multiple accounts at different brokers, that trade the same or different robots, could be all monitored and controlled from one consolidated platform. That's what we envisioned with FXBOT.MARKET and in order to achieve this we had to create this Botomation engine.

Diagramma di flusso per lo sviluppo della botualizzazione (algoritmo)

The above logical and mathematical process was completed manually with brainstorming tools such as iMindMap, the same used by Intel, Apple, Microsoft, and NASA. From there logical diagrams were created and finally programming code. Code is inspected and compiled into the production Botomation engine that runs this site. Everything is based on web based technology backed by the cloud; that means all runs on publicly and AWS cloud privately.

I linguaggi di programmazione che abbiamo usato per creare il nostro motore di Botomation includono:

  • JQuery
  • PHP / MySQL
  • Javascript
  • HTML5 / CSS3 (front-end)


  • GitHub / Freedcamp
  • MatLabs
  • Notepad ++
  • Zend Studio IDE
  • i Mind Map


  • Elaborazione dei moduli
  • Cron job (Linux)
  • Controlli di sicurezza
  • Archiviazione e analisi dei dati

First we created a logical action-map with thousands of possible user actions, and then assigned to them tags and types (Basic classification and identification). Then we connected them in a mind map based on their tags and types, and from there created algorithms to map out the user experience logically. Other views were sorted by operation type:

A single process (conceptually) may be as simple as a 3 step diagram.

Questa è una mappa di fase di progettazione concettuale ed è supportata da centinaia di processi in background.

This tells us logically what we want to achieve. And from the perspective of the user, it should

be that simple; point, click, and trade. We try to make all of our processes within 3 steps.

The background operations such as server requests, cron jobs, push and pull, get and post -

are a lot more tedious. The key is to make it work seamlessly across multiple technologies,

ecco perché è stata scelta l'architettura LAMP ospitata su AWS; PHP si integra naturalmente con MySQL.

Joomla is a native PHP/MySQL application, which was used as a 'template' and reworked and

re-engineered from the ground up. Botomation is not easy, but that's why it's valuable.

Computer hardware architecture to support this was then designed, as programming began in a test environment.

Infine, mentre il modello funzionante veniva implementato per l'uso dal vivo, abbiamo riassunto le operazioni di back-end dal punto di vista dell'utente, cosa fa realmente questo motore:

This single integrated system is less complicated due to a single point of infrastructure provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Without AWS it would still be possible, but AWS provides a huge amount of cloud and dedicated hardware options and architecture to support it. AWS supports automation safely by providing technical checks and security measures to ensure as much as possible from processes to overwhelm a server or cause certain risks. A simple list of the sub-module components:

  • Core marketplace, powered by Virtuemart
  • Sub-product types
    • Bot di commercio FX, Bot di copia commerciale
    • Bot per licenze software
    • File PDF / Script / .set / blocco file flat basato sul bot di iscrizione
    • MT4 / 5 EA / Indicatore di blocco bot
  • Bot di cloud server / VPS / web services management, gestito da WHMCS
  • Sistema di gestione degli annunci
  • FX related tools
    • Piattaforma di trading analytics (TAP)
    • Performance History Database (PhD)
    • Dashboard venditore / acquirente con account singolo
    • Calendario di mercato, mappa di calore FX, orologio di mercato
  • Sistema di supporto e strumenti di sviluppo
    • Forum
    • Sistema di biglietteria
    • Chat

Moduli individuali

Trading Analytics Platform (TAP) collects and analyses trade data for traders & subscribers. TAP provides verified statistics that users want to know.

FX Trade Bot

FX Trade Bot is the core product type in FXBOT.MARKET's robot marketplace. It allows any signal / robot vendor to sell their robot through the FXBOT.MARKET marketplace. FXBM developed a proprietary trade copier that copies trades from the master account to the client account in less than 1ms in the cloud. A cloud trade copier is an ideal technological solution, as it eliminates the need of users themselves to fiddle with Windows VPS and related software. Our cloud copier has the best of both worlds, it allows clients to accurately copy robots of their choosing while doing it on their accounts individually based on their settings, in their own self-traded accounts. This is a non-regulated activity as robots are leased as software for a flat monthly fee. So now self-traded accounts have the flexibility of using a wider range of robots, at more than 3,000 + connected brokers.

The core of our Botomation engine is run by a master robot we call Handy. Handy has his own internal monitoring and reporting service, and Handy technicians review this to perform regular maintenance operations, so that his performance is always improving.

We deployed more than 20 sub-modules as part of the overall engine, including a support system, user forums, customer dashboard, ticketing system, and live chat; all on

Aziende che utilizzano la stessa tecnologia implementata nel nostro Chat Bot:

Dove siamo ora?

We're just getting started. Our proprietary Botomation technology has multiple use cases. FXBOT.MARKET is a prototype which soon will be very profitable. But there are hundreds of other applications where Botomation technology can work, including government, military, education, healthcare, and logistics.

Se desideri esplorare potenziali partnership commerciali o accordi di licenza per il tuo caso d'uso, non esitate a contattarci. NON contattarci per sollecitazioni!

It's important to note that, Botomation was developed to serve a real business problem. The marketplace model isn't so powerful in other verticals like it is in robotic / algorithmic FX.

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